Our new Virtual Reality Motion Capture (VR-MoCap) laboratory combines sub-millimeter full body motion capture with immersive virtual augmented reality technology in participants who have high-density mobile EEG recording of brain activity and implanted neural electrodes for recording and stimulating of brain activity. The overall goal of the laboratory is to investigate brain mechanisms underlying real-world ambulatory behaviors.

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Virtual Reality Headsets

We have a variety of wired and wireless VR systems that enable 360 degree room-scale motion-tracking that are comfortable and responsive.

Infrared Cameras

Set of 12 ceiling motion capture cameras that can record participants’ body or facial movements with submillimeter accuracy, as well as update their positions in a VR environment. Cameras detect reflective markers that can be placed on the body/face or on a full body suit that participants’ can wear.

3D Camera

Camera that uses multi-angle information to construct 3D scans of faces/objects for use in VR environments.

Mobile Scalp EEG System

High density 64-channel EEG recording system with miniature low weight amplifier that participants wear in a small backpack as they navigate their environment.

Handheld 3D scanning camera for modeling people and objects in the VR environment.